Franchising Factoids!

At Good CitiZEN Dog our franchisees are our strategic partners. We make starting a new business venture affordable and attainable using a proven method of expansion — franchising.

Franchising has produced more successful businesses than any other method of private enterprise. Below are some interesting Franchise Industry Factoids.

There are more than 300 different industries and business types that use franchising as a means of expansion and to distribute goods and services.

Approximately one out of every 12 businesses in the United States is a franchise business.

It is estimated that:
·       There are over 900,000 franchisees (Franchised Businesses)
·       Franchise systems employ 9.5 million people
·       Over $850 Billion in economic output is generated by Franchise Businesses

The IFA (International Franchise Association) 2016 Press Release on franchise growth:

WASHINGTON, Jan. 20—Franchise small businesses will once again grow at rates that exceed non-franchise business growth in 2016, according to the Franchise Business Outlook: 2016 [LINK:] released today by the International Franchise Association. 
“We are forecasting that for the sixth consecutive year, franchise businesses will grow at rates that exceed the economy-wide growth of industries where franchises are concentrated,” said IFA President & CEO Robert Cresanti.

The number of establishments will grow this year by 13,359, or 1.7 percent, to 795,932.

The IHS Economics forecast of output growth in nominal dollars for franchise businesses will increase this year by $52 billion, 5.8 percent, to $994 billion.  

The franchise sector will contribute approximately 3 percent of U.S. GDP in nominal dollars.

By the Numbers

Franchise: Low Investment−Permanent Location Optional

Good CitiZEN Dog Initial Franchise Fee: $29,500

Multiple Revenue Streams: Dog Training, Dog Day Care, Dog Boarding, Grooming, Pet Boutique, Dog Gymnasium, Dog Walking with a strong brand and trademark to give you strength and credibility.

Superior Franchisee Training: by experienced and successful Good CitiZEN partners.

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Franchising remains the most
viable way to own and operate
a small business for many
Americans and provides small
business owners with a chance
to build equity for themselves
and their families.
— California Governor Brown 2014