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We've made amazing progress with our rescue dog, Huckleberry. Lou's approach to training focuses on making a profound connection with our dog. At the end of every session, we were armed with the skills, tools and pointed feedback directly relating to the needs of our situation and unique relationship with our pet. His method is about instilling obedience, but coming from the position of love and respect between human and pet. As far as care goes, our dog is our child in a sense. I wouldn't trust anyone else but Good Citizen with our fur baby. They bleed love and compassion for animals in everything they do. On a side note, I've learned that they donate significant time and energy to various rescue projects and animal companion initiatives, and I would encourage everyone to get behind and support what they stand for.

Adrian L., Boise, Idaho

"This "Year of The Puppies and One Grouchy Shiba" would have been completely miserable without you and your team! From one-on-one, to Puppy class, Meet and Greet class, daycare, wow, I honestly don't want to think how we would have done it without you! Our house flows smoothly, happily, peacefully! It's wonderful. Thank you again for everything! Here is a picture of our newest addition, Baron, after a day of daycare. What a lifesaver!

—Monica Z, Tacoma, Washington

"I wanted to pass along a sincere thank you for helping out so much in Stella’s first year. She is almost two now and incredibly well-behaved. It is without a doubt that the consistent training early on in her life set the standard for how a dog should behave. Alex has always been the one with the passion for training and since his return home from deployment, he has only furthered the principles that you helped establish. I am incredibly grateful for your care, guidance and persistence. Thank you for the extra care and attention you gave us Good CitiZEN Dog rocks!"

— Leanne R, Dallas, Texas

The Advanced Meet and Greet class was exceptional! I learned how to modify my dog, Sadie's behavior with the instruction from Andy that was easy and it works! She used to go crazy passing other dogs on walks or when she saw people with hats, both issues that have been resolved. Before attending the class, I would have never taken Sadie to a public place, now we have been to Riverwalk, Bayfront Park, and the Farmer's Market. What I learned in the class has helped me to know how to effectively train my dog and truly enjoy spending time with her. Thank you Andy!

— Jane R, Suncoast, Florida

My mother and I are practicing everything we learned from this fantastic organization!! Our dog is improving every day!!

— Jan O, Suncoast, Florida

“We took the Advanced Meet and Greet class with our dog Tug and the results were amazing! Tug is very fearful with people. Lou and Robbie had a way with getting and keeping his attention so that Tug (and my husband and I) could learn these new skills that have changed our lives forever.”

— Emily and Emery M, Boise, ID

“Two weeks ago, I bought my 15-week-old shy and unruly GSD puppy in for help! Lou and Robbie were amazing! My puppy warmed up to them immediately! He spent time being socialized with the other puppies at the doggie daycare and has learned so many skills in a very short time. His progress has been awesome! Thank you so very much Lou and Robbie for the time and effort you spent working with Hunter!

— Karen E, Boise, ID

"I am so happy we brought our dog to work with Lou and Robbie at Good Citizen Dog! My 5-month-old black lab puppy Apollo is a handful and it has been difficult getting him to focus and listen — but these guys had him sitting and focused right away! They were so patient and explained what they were doing every step of the way. I’ve been able to use their techniques at home and Apollo’s improvement has been amazing. Thank you so much for all of your help!"

— Blake C, Garden City, ID

Baron after day care! What a life saver!

Baron after day care! What a life saver!

 "Thanks to you and Victoria for what you do! Zena is doing so much better and the training appears to be working. Just yesterday on our daily walk we encountered two dogs who were not on a leash and not under control. Zena did awesome! The dogs all checked each other out without incident and we walked away with Zena not reacting at all. We will be in touch to do more training soon!"

— Dave M, Federal Way, Washington

"Huge fan of Doggie Day Care, and especially this Doggie Day Care with Kevin and Victoria! They treat all of the dogs as their own and pour 100% of their energy into maintaining a safe, clean and happy play day for all of the dog "kids." Highly recommend Good CitiZen Dog Day Care."

— Kat K, Brown's Point, Washington

"I love Good Citizen Dog in Fife. I bring my puppy to training classes and the daycare and she loves it! They really treat her like a princess and keep us up to date with photos and messages. Clearly they really love the dogs and what they do!"

—Shelby R, Fife, WA

Dog Day Care in Fife, WA

Dog Day Care in Fife, WA