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Baron after day care! What a life saver!

Baron after day care! What a life saver!

This "Year of The Puppies and One Grouchy Shiba" would have been completely miserable without you and your team! From one-on-one, to Puppy class, Meet and Greet class, daycare, wow, I honestly don't want to think how we would have done it without you! Our house flows smoothly, happily, peacefully! It's wonderful. 

I wish you and yours (both Good Citizen employees, and your family!) beautiful holidays!

Thank you again!

Monica Znidar

Puppy Classes

"The daycare is second to none. You can tell Toby and Stephanie love what they do and are excited to see our puppy walk through the door for a day of daycare. The facility is always clean and I’ve never seen any pet messes left without immediate clean up. Our puppy gets so excited when we pull up and I have to drag her away when I pick her up because she doesn’t want to leave, although she falls asleep in the truck instantly afterwords and is “dog” tired through the next day. The staff always share a quick story about your dog’s day and it always brings a smile to my face. We will be coming back every week for years to come. The trainer, Deborah, is amazing. She not only has helped shape our puppy into being a good citizen, she has also shaped us into being good trainers. She will always make time for you. She has a wealth of knowledge and a ton of patience, even with us dog parents! In class she does a fantastic job of providing individual attention to everyone and keeps the class light and fun. She is a vital asset in our continued training and we are very lucky to have found her and her entire staff."

— Rodney & Lisa Clar

Puppy Classes

"We adopted Harley from a rescue shelter without much knowledge of her background. She is a beautiful mastiff mix at about 110lbs. She is a very sweet dog but we ran into some problems right away. She would get very growly at our three children, especially the three year old. She also barked very aggressively at our neighbors whenever they were in their back yard. When a strange dog came to our house with a friend she went into attack mode and I had to tackle her to get her to stop chasing the dog. I was concerned for my children's safety, my neighbor's safety and really anyone who came around us when we were at home or in the car. She also got so excited that she would jump up on people and often knock them over. At 110lbs that is a bit much for anyone to handle let alone small children.

I was sure we were going to have to take her back to the shelter we adopted her from. My vet recommended I take her to Good Citizen Dog Training with Deborah. She said she had a great program for growly/aggressive dogs. So, I enrolled Harley in the Advanced Meet and Greet class. The first class we went to I was extremely nervous. I was unsure how she would react and if I would even be able to control her. Deborah recommended a front harness and leather leash which made an immediate improvement on my ability to handle her. The class was fantastic!! I am so amazed with the progress that Harley has made. I feel that the combination of "Zen" training, rewards for positive behavior and lots of praise has really helped to connect Me and Harley. She no longer growls at our children and I feel completely comfortable having her around them and other kids. She is still an excited dog but now with simple commands and gestures she refrains from jumping up on people. She comes when I call her even when there is distraction that used to cause her to bark and/or growl uncontrollably. I can take her on walks or to the park without concern that she might harm someone or run away. She is so eager to please and is doing a wonderful job. She is a sweet, loyal, protective, giant lap dog who has become a really loved member of our family. 

Thank you for everything Deborah!!!"

Puppy Classes

"I wanted to pass along a sincere thank you for helping out so much in Stella’s first year. She is almost two now and incredibly well-behaved. It is without a doubt that the consistent training early on in her life set the standard for how a dog should behave. Alex has always been the one with the passion for training and since his return home from deployment, he has only furthered the principles that you helped establish. I am incredibly grateful for your care, guidance and persistence. Thank you.All the best on your future endeavors!"

- Leanne Ralston

Puppy Classes

"Deborah is a fantastic trainer. She has helped us train our three puppies, two labs and a saint bernard. The labs are still energetic but totally under control. They don’t jump on us and are great with our two young daughters. The classes were fun and provided homework that reinforced the new training. Deborah definitely knows how to handle all kinds of dogs. She is great at providing the techniques to get through to dogs. We recommend Good CitiZen to anyone with a puppy or new dog that needs to be one of the family."

- Paul & Tabitha

Private Classes

Hi Deborah,

"We have had a great experience in Puppy Kindergarten and Puppy II. I don’t think that Arlo is ready for Advanced Puppy yet, but we are interested in the Slick Tricks idea. We can’t commit to starting another class right away, but I would really like to stay on your list for a Slick Tricks class (mostly to channel his energy).

Thank you for all you have done for our puppy- not to mention helping me be more patient with Gary! "

- Katie Lappier, Associate Director of Education, Broadway Center for the Performing Arts

Private Classes

“Not only has our ten month old standard poodle puppy gained focusing skills, but we have gained confidence in shaping her behaviors. After taking classes in two other dog schools with other dogs, we feel Deborah’s is by far the best availalbe. Our puppy is safe in supervised daycare. We are now progressing through Puppy II class. Deborah makes learning fun!”

- Lynn and Bob Ormsby from Federal Way, WA.

Private Classes

“I can’t say enough good things about Deborah, and Good Citizen Dog Training. My beautiful 10 month old Doberman puppy Sophie was into everything and out of control. One private lesson later and it was like I have had a new dog. Sophie and I both learned a ton of new tricks and great exercises to keep us both happy. Amazing results.
I am so impressed that we are signing up for the Pupppy II class and doggy day care. The programs offered by Good Citizen are well worth the investment, now I have a well behaved best friend. Thanks for all you guys do.”

- Rebecca Hertzog, Sophie’s Mom, Port Orchard, WA.

Puppy Class

“Deborah helped us train our new puppy, Kato, when he was 10 weeks old. We went to every obedience class and he quickly became the dog we always wanted – attentive, happy and easy to train. When he began to show signs of resource guarding we knew that Good CitiZEN would be there to help. The Growly Class was truly superb and was not offered elsewhere. Kato learned to share his toys with other dogs and his guarding nature is under control. He is absolutely the best canine companion and we have Deborah and Good CitiZEN to thank.”

- Joe Barlow and Bethany Maines from Tacoma, WA.