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Good CitiZEN Dog Training has helped Suncoast clients create a healthy, happy home for many years. We put the ZEN in dog training! Our trainers enjoy working with people as well as their dogs - that’s our claim to fame. People and their four-legged friends all over the Suncoast of Florida enjoy working with our Good CitiZEN Trainers. A first-rate dog training service will teach you to be an expert dog handler and allow you to enjoy your new addition more. We will take the stress out of your home.


We educate you about the science of canine behavior so that you can communicate effectively with your dog.


Read our genuine customer feedback and reviews. 


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Our Trainers


Taryn Carpenter

Taryn has had a love affair with dogs since she was a small child. She has owned various breeds and always loved training them. It wasn't until she met Deborah Rosen, our founder and CEO, that Taryn considered the possibility of becoming a dog trainer. Fate took over and their meeting led to a new rewarding career for Taryn.


Prior to training dogs, Taryn worked in sales and management, but always knew she was destined to work with animals. When they first met, Deborah told Taryn that this career never actually felt like "work". And, after a short time in the business of training dogs and their people, Taryn now understand exactly what she meant.

"Every day I wake up and look forward to helping create 'peaceful living with your dog' for the Suncoast community."  

She is making a difference teaching group classes and working one-on-one with private training clients throughout the Bradenton, Sarasota, Parrish, Palmetto and many other areas.

When she is not helping people and their dogs, Taryn enjoys spending time with her own family, including a Newfypoo, Hope, and a Havamalt, Elliott. Her life is now very full and she looks forward to working with new clients on a regular basis. "I get so much satisfaction from the work I do with my clients and their companion dogs. The relationships I develop with my incredibly appreciative clients make my life richer and help me look forward to the next one. Even after we're done with lessons, my clients still send me emails and pictures of their dog behaving well. It makes me incredibly proud and happy to be of service."

Good CitiZEN Dog Training provides dog training services in Bradenton and Sarasota as well as all across the Suncoast, including Anna Maria, Holmes Beach, Longboat Key, Bradenton Beach, Palmetto, Ellenton, Parrish, Terra Ceia, Venice, Osprey, and Nokomis.  

Our Classes



Dog Training in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Enjoy private training sessions in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Our dog trainers come to you and tailor the sessions to the needs and abilities of your family. Whether you are a single individual or a large family, we include everyone who will be involved with the puppy or adult dog.  Private dog training is a fun experience for all. We will help you deepen your bond as you learn together.


Your Dog Lives With A Trainer

Try our Board & Train program.  With our Board and Train option, the Good CitiZEN Dog Trainer works with your canine companion while he or she boards with us. In between training sessions, your furry friend gets plenty of socialization with other dogs, and has a warm comfortable place to sleep at night, in a private home. 


Intensive Dog Training

Bringing a new puppy or rescue dog into your home, while very exciting, can also create anxiety and disruption.


The first few days, weeks, and months of your dog’s new life are critical for his or her happy and healthy development, as well as a lifetime of harmony in your home. 


Get Your Puppy Off to the Best Start

Bringing a new puppy into the family can be so exciting, and is generally a very special and happy time. It can also bring added stress into your home. After all it’s difficult keeping up with a new bouncy bundle of fur. 


Resolve Problem Behaviors - It's Never Too Late!

There are reasons why dogs behave in problematic ways. Sometimes rescue dogs come with pre-established problems as a result of delayed socializing, trauma or lack of training. Other dogs simply have a genetic predisposition to behave a certain way.

Our Reviews


"A very positive experience!"

"My two huskies and I have had the pleasure of working with Taryn on their basic obedience and behavior problem training. Let me tell you, Taryn worked magic. Huskies in general, and mine in particular, are stubborn and can be very hyper, but Taryn has helped them learn to calm down, focus and obey using their special Zen techniques. And, my dogs love her! You can’t find a better trainer than Taryn!"

- Sarah Bennett, Bradenton

- Lisa Losordo

"Learning to Walk"

"I adopted a Tripawd named Ziggy in March. He had a few issues so I called Good Citizen Dog Training. One of his major issues was that he wanted to run when I wanted to walk. The slow walking seemed more challenging for him on three legs. We started with all of the basics (sit down, stay, wait, attention and focus, impulse control and so on). Taryn was his trainer and she was very patient with him and with me. She was great! Ziggy really liked her and looked forward to her visits. She taught me some great techniques!! Thank you, Taryn and Good CitiZEN Dog Training!"

"Tricks of the Trade!"

"Our puppy, Zeke, was trained by Taryn Carpenter. He mastered all basic commands and so much more! Taryn is excellent and Zeke absolutely loves her💙. Training a seven month old puppy is no easy feat but Taryn made it look easy. She was also great helping me learn the techniques, which look easy as well and may be for some. I needed to master those and with Taryn’s help I was able to do it. Zeke is almost 2 years old now and continues to know his “bag of tricks” taught by Taryn. Thank You Taryn and Good CitiZEN Dog Training!"

- Ruth Ann Watts


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