Private Sessions in Basic Obedience


Enjoy private training sessions in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Our dog trainers come to you and tailor the sessions to the needs and abilities of your family. Whether you are a single individual or a large family, we include everyone who will be involved with the puppy or adult dog.  Private dog training is a fun experience for all. We will help you deepen your bond as you learn together.


We find that some dogs that display problem behaviors at home make the greatest improvements when some of their training actually takes place in their own natural environment. We can also provide private sessions outside of the home environment, like at our facility in Fife, WA or at a local dog park, or a friend’s house, if problem behavior seems to crop up in certain areas more than others.

These sessions are available in packages of three, six, nine, or twelve 1-hour sessions. Tailored to your specific needs, the sessions can fit your schedule and can include your entire family. We can work at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

Each session lasts about one hour and includes hands-on training as well as exercises to address the specific obedience issues that you are experiencing with your dog.

Doggy Zen boot camp services address:

  • Improve basic skills using voice and hand signals

  • Develop attention and focus in order to gain control

  • "Recall" - get your dog to "come when called"

  • "Stay" in place and develop impulse control!

  • Off/Leave it - on furniture, counter tops with food, with people or other dogs

  • No Jumping – on people, furniture,etc.

  • Walk on the leash without pulling

  • Basic Manners such as no jumping, sit to greet

  • Improve social skills with dogs and humans

  • Learn enough to pass AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen certification)

  • Tricks - because we all want to have some fun and show off for friends! Watch your dog sit pretty and speak on command!

Time to Schedule Some Zen in Your Home

A key benefit of Private Sessions in Basic Obedience is that the sessions can fit your schedule and include your entire family. Each one-hour session includes hands-on training by our expert to help your dog learn more quickly. Then we include exercises for you to practice that will address your dog’s specific obedience issues.

We cover information about the science of canine behavior to help you understand what motivates your dog. Discovering what motivates your pet is the key to gaining more attention and control. Then you will really be able to enjoy your relationship with your pet. You will be able to have relaxed walks on-leash, a polite canine to greet friends and family at the front door and much more.

Ready, Set, Reward

You will learn the essentials of reward-based training and how to pair it with proper timing and consistency to reap major benefits in your dog’s overall behavior. And, you will receive one-on-one coaching to learn the skills to handle your dog in a variety of situations. These sessions are designed to create the comfort you need to manage your dog at home and in public, with other people and other dogs present.

Number of Sessions

The number of sessions will depend on your pet’s prior training and the issues he or she presents. Our methods are very effective and dogs are generally quick to respond. Contact us and we can discuss the number of sessions that might be required, or we can set up an initial consultation to help us discover the number of sessions that may be needed.

The 1-hour sessions typically come in packages of 3, 6, 9, and 12 depending on your needs. We can work at any level so with your dog is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, we’ll take you to the next level up. You might ask, “Who needs 12 sessions?” Some dogs or behaviors are more difficult, and will need additional time, repetition, and patience. For these dogs a 12-session package is recommended.

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