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Our Board & Train program gets the best results - no doubt about it. In the Seattle/Tacoma area your dog actually lives with our trainer, Deborah Rosen, in her home. She works with your canine companion in structured training sessions and also gives your furry friend constant feedback about his or her behavior. In between training sessions, there is plenty of social time with other dogs. Best of all your dog has a warm comfortable place to sleep at night, in a private home. 

This is a great choice for training and boarding outside of your home. Your dog gets ongoing feedback to reinforce the preferred behaviors as it accompanies the trainer throughout the day in a range of settings. Learning is fast and intensive.


This has been a very popular choice with families who travel and can’t always bring their dog with them. And best of all, you come back to dog that has been well-cared for AND is much better behaved.

For rate packages please contact us. Board & Train packages are based on one-week through five-week sessions. Price is based on the number of weeks and works on a progressively decreasing price schedule. The more you do the less it costs per week. Board & Train is very popular and we do only one Board & Train program at a time, so these slots fill up. To get the dates you want, it's important to reserve your space in advance. 


Our Good CitiZEN Board & Train program, like all of our training programs, uses behavior modification and  conditional to train your canine companion enabling you to have a lifetime of "peaceful living with your dog." 

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