Dog Dish 7.1.16

Deborah & Deena talk about how to get through the July 4th holiday celebration with dogs that have fear-based noise reactivity and anxiety. Their special guest for the show is the wonderful Dr. Liane Sperlich, DVM, licensed acupuncturist and chiropractor who owns Brown's Point Vet Clinic. Dr. Sperlich combines Eastern and Western veterinary medicine.

Dog Dish 5.6.16

Deborah is joined in the studio by Darron Marzolf, owner of Porter's Pride, a local manufacturer of an artisan raw food for dogs and one of the show's sponsors. Alexa Tullis, professor of Biology at University of Puget Sound calls in to help moderate the discussion. Deborah, Darron and Alexa discuss the many issues raised by the "raw" diet revolution. They get into all of the advantages and controversy - it's a great discussion! 

Dog Dish 4.29.16

Deborah is joined in the studio by Joshua Moore, from Good CitiZEN Dog Training and Daycare. Josh is the co-host for the day to help Deborah moderate the discussion with Jill Voelker and Beth Rivard, from the Prison Pet Partnership. They will be talking about recent developments and news about the program at the Purdy Women's prison and the great work they do to provide service dogs to those in need in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. This is a great show and you won't want to miss it.

Dog Dish 4.8.16

In celebration of National Walk your Dog Week, the show is dedicated to all things related to dog walking. Deborah and Helen are joined by Paul Dolan, maker of the wonderful "Wonder Walker" front clip harnesses. Deborah talks about how to get dogs to walk without pulling.

Dog Dish - 3.25.16

Puppies, Puppies and more puppies! This show is everything about puppies. Dr. Travis Martin will be talking about puppy health. Alexa Tullis, PhD from University of Puget Sound will discuss the science and genealogy of puppies and Deborah will discuss a variety of training issues with puppies and how to achieve "best behaviors". This is the first of a 2-part show.

Dog Dish 1.22.16

Helen and Deborah invite guest experts to talk about pet loss. This is a hard, but extremely helpful discussion for listeners to help them deal with and recover from the grief of losing a beloved pet. Guests include, Marilyn Boyle, M.S., M.T.S., LMHC, local therapist who specializes in grief counseling, Polly Klein, from Tonglen Healing Arts, an animal communicator and Russell Friedman, who runs The Grief Recovery Institute® in LA. 

Dog Dish 1.15.16

Deborah and Helen are joined by Alexa Tullis, professor of Biology from University of Puget Sound as well as Dr. Travis Martin, DVM and owner of Soundview Veterinary Clinic in Tacoma, WA. Discussions include what makes dogs unique and why the bond between canine and humane is so strong. Dr. Martin talks about the canine flu.

Dog Dish (11.21.15)

Dog Photographer Ben Lucas from Nomcreative who will be doing a great photo event at Good CitiZEN Dog on December 5th & 6th to benefit the Dugan Foundation, talking about how to photograph dogs. Joanne Lisosky, professor of Communication from Pacific Lutheran University. And, some conversation about how to get dogs to behave with friends and family on Thanksgiving. Also, Julie Dugan, executive director for the Dugan Foundation.

Dog Dish (11.14.15)

All about dog breeds vs. mixed breeds. The pros and cons of both. Alexa Tullis, who teaches Examining Dogs through the lens of Science at the University of Puget Sound will be joining the conversation. And, Dr. Travis Martin, DVM from Soundview Vet Clinic in Tacoma will also join in and talk about some of the medical issues with certain breeds.